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  • Generating research ideas.
  • Finding relevant academic literature
  • Extracting facts, and citations.

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Your all-in-one tool for researchers

Doclime helps you throughout your research journey, from brainstorming, to finding relevant academic literature, to extracting facts and citations.

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Generate research ideas and questions in seconds.


Search academic papers
Search among hundreds of millions of scientific papers from PubMed, and Semantic Scholars.


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Chat with multiple PDFs, summarize research papers, run semantic search on papers, automatically create Q&A and extract facts and citations.

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Search from 200M+ scientific papers
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For professionals and students

Get access relevant papers, summarizing content, and facilitating Q&A sessions with documents. Our tools are designed to save you time and help you be more productive.
Doclime supports academics in managing and analyzing research literature. Use our platform to efficiently navigate academic papers, summarize findings, and integrate reliable citations into your work.
As a student, you need to understand and manage large pdf documents. Use our AI tools to summarize texts, generate study questions, and deepen your understanding of complex topics.
Teachers can use Doclime to incorporate the latest research into their curriculum. Use our platform to access up-to-date academic content, prepare lessons, and improve classroom materials efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Doclime?

Doclime helps you find, understand, and write research papers faster using AI.

Can I get answers to my research questions?

Yes, Doclime will give you answers based on the top 10 most relevant papers for your query. You can also upload and ask questions about your own PDF documents.

Do I need to be technical to use Doclime?

Doclime is designed to be easy to use. You don't need to be technical to use it.

Can Doclime help me write my research paper?

Yes, Doclime will help you write your research paper faster with AI autocomplete, paraphrase, outline generation, and more.

Do you use reputable academic databases?

Yes, we use reputable sources such as PubMed and Semantic Scholars.

How do I get started with Doclime?

You can create a free account and start using Doclime right away.

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